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Extrasolar Planets

More than 2,000 planets outside of our Solar System have been verified so far. Many of these are bizarre worlds, radically different from Earth or any other planet of the Solar System. Here you can explore the most interesting objects.

Extrasolare Planeten
Stellare Ökosphären

Stellar Ecospheres

The physical properties of a star influence it's enviroment and limit the possibilities for the development of life.

Water Planets
The Earth's oceans are as deep as 11 kilometers at some points. The immense pressure of the water masses above make the explorations of such depths a technological challenge. Yet we already know about planets where the oceans are ten times as deep. Such ocean planets are worlds with extreme environments. Learn here how the pressure changes the structure of the water itself and what kind of bizarre material can be expected at the bottom of such planetwide oceans.

"silicoid" life

Life based on silicon instead of carbon is a feature often seen in science fiction. What is the chemical background? Is there a chance for "silicoid" life?


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